Password Radio and Podcasts

Future Intelligence (Fi) produces PassW0rd, its monthly hour long radio programme from London, Leipzig and Suffolk for broadcast on Resonance FM, London’s oldest independent radio station.

It also produces PassW0rd Woman, the first technology radio show made for women and by women currently broadcast through the Fi website and available for download as a podcast. To listen to the latest PassW0rd podcast click here

The PassW0rd radio programme is the UK’s only regular-hour long foray into the world of science and technology and not only tells you about the latest developments in the area but what those technologies mean to you.

PassW0rd, deals with the technology issues that mean most to your life, our journalists have highlighted the need for effective understanding and control of technology for over 30 years, longer than any other news organisation. Fi’s journalists were the first to warn about the risks from cyber criminals back in 1989, and the first to call for a debate on the ramifications of technologies such as biological computing, chip-implants, Artificial Intelligence, grid-computing and VR back in 1997.


Crypto-Currency, bitcoin and the block-chaining of the web, PassW0rd’s journalists interview some of the world’s leading experts on currency to discover whether block-chain and crypto- currencies are hype or the start of the next explosion on the web.



Peter Warren

PassWord radio show presenter Peter Warren

The radio show is produced by Blue Buffery and Jane Whyatt, an award-winning radio producer who formerly made programmes for the BBC, and presented by Peter Warren, an award-winning investigative journalist who has worked for the BBC and the Sunday Times Insight team.

The reporter is Charlotte Rowntree and Charlie O’Brien is the guest presenter for the PassWord:Mum show. To hear PassW0rd with Peter Warren tune in to London’s Resonance 104.4FM or listen online at at 17:30 GMT on the second Wednesday of every month.

If you would like us to review your new products or software, or cover your events, or reveal information in the public interest please get in touch. We protect our sources and respect your right to remain anonymous.

Copies of appearances on the programme are available for use for marketing purposes, price on request by emailing

To download copies of the weekly podcasts made by the PassW0rd team please sign up as a member of the Fi website.