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 Vice President worldwide marketing at Sony Creative Software  

Sony see increasing take up of Daws and DSTs in consumer market – We found that our Daw – Acid – really opened up the door for remixing and mashups to the consumer marketplace,

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A handheld mixing desk

Fifty years ago the road to pop super-stardom started with a practice session in a pub, soon it will happen in a studio on the internet and we could all be doing it.

Rather than coming from towns like Liverpool or London according to some of the music industry’s top gurus the Beatles and Rolling Stones of the future will be drawn via the internet from all corners of the world and could even use their mobile phones as mixing desks.

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A consortium of technology companies is about to turn mobile phones into high-tech wallets. The technology will let people make cash payments from their phones simply by pointing them at the object they want to buy.

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