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In a bid to raise awareness of the dangers of cybercrime the Government has pulled in the UK’s top business leaders for the launch of a campaign on basic cyber security measures.

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By Guy Basnett and Pete Warren

THOUSANDS of office photocopiers containing secret or personal information are being unwittingly flogged off to potential crooks, we can reveal.

Future intelligence and the News of the World expose how Britain’s businesses are carelessly throwing away YOUR personal and financial information that has been left stored on used office equipment.

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Millions of mobiles are lost and discarded every year, yet their owners give little thought to the sensitive data they contain

 By Peter Warren

Three years ago, Graham Clements – the European managing director of the UK subsidiary of the Japanese packaging multinational Ishida – decided to get rid of his BlackBerry and passed it on to his IT department for recycling. At the start of this month, that BlackBerry was one of the top items on the agenda at the first board meeting that Clements had called since his return from holiday – because it, and the data on it, had come back to haunt him.

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Pete Warren explains how a forensic specialist can retrieve data from your hard drive – even if you think you’ve deleted everything – that reveals a great deal about you

The first time that I really became aware of computer forensics was around eight years ago when I arranged for some hard drives I had bought from a boot fair to be examined by Professor Neil Barrett, an expert in the field. The results were memorable. When Barrett rang me to say that he had found account details for a Paul McCartney – on a hard drive discarded by a merchant bank – I was prepared for the inevitable teasing.

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Winner BT Security News Story of the year award 2006 

Identity thieves are gleaning personal information from scrapped computers. Peter Warren reports on just how insecure our sensitive data really is.


Data, data everywhere

Bill Kerridge is a North Shields publican who runs an award-winning pub in the Tyneside Town and whose daughter is a talented gymnast. Normally, Kerridge would be happy for the readers of a national newspaper to know those details, only he is not because along with a wealth of other information relating to his family, it was recovered from a computer hard drive bought off the internet via eBay that the Kerridges knew nothing about.

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