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Gary McKinnon, the British hacker at the heart of an extradition battle with the US Government was not alone and was the most junior member of a hacking group largely ignored by the authorities.

An investigation by Future intelligence has been told that  McKinnon, who faces a potential 60 year jail sentence if he is handed over to the US, was not a lone hacker roving through US computer systems but was instead the most junior member of an informal five-strong group that regularly exchanged information on US systems.

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Despite the increase in online fraud, enforcement of the law is a mess since the dissolution of the specialist agency set up to fight it, says Pete Warren

Been the victim of online fraud? Until recently you would have reported it to the police, but now the onus on investigating such crimes lies not with the boys in blue but with the banking industry. Without a hint of irony on April 1, the Association of Chief Police Officers announced that it would no longer be responsible for investigating e-crime. That move marked the final straw for some.

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