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In a bid to raise awareness of the dangers of cybercrime the Government has pulled in the UK’s top business leaders for the launch of a campaign on basic cyber security measures.

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“Ensuring data is completely destroyed is a legal requirement”

Erasing data from a computer is not as simple as the manufacturers would have you believe. Just deleting it or reformatting the hard drive does not remove the data, and the secure removal of data about individuals by companies is now a legal requirement.

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Winner BT Security News Story of the year award 2006 

Identity thieves are gleaning personal information from scrapped computers. Peter Warren reports on just how insecure our sensitive data really is.


Data, data everywhere

Bill Kerridge is a North Shields publican who runs an award-winning pub in the Tyneside Town and whose daughter is a talented gymnast. Normally, Kerridge would be happy for the readers of a national newspaper to know those details, only he is not because along with a wealth of other information relating to his family, it was recovered from a computer hard drive bought off the internet via eBay that the Kerridges knew nothing about.

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