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Sergei Maximov 41, stood trial this past Wednesday on June, 24 in Germany accused of leaking several confidential emails.

Notable politicians Alexei Navalny and Valeria Novodvorskaya had large amounts of personal data stolen, leaked and deleted. Both are known to oppose the regime of current Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Navalny claims Maximov shares ties with Russian law enforcement and was able to gain access to his e-mail, Twitter and LiveJournal accounts after having his home invaded by police who seized his laptop back in 2009.

The politician stresses foul play as the ‘Hell’ hacker appears in interviews with Russian state supporters. He assembled a team to collect evidence against Maximov, leading to a full investigation by German authorities.

His team found ‘Hell’s’ blog contained explicit material which made him feel “disgust”.

Russian Politicians Alexei Navalny pictured left, and Valeria Novodvorskaya

Pictured (left) Alexei Navalny and Valeria Novodvorskaya

Evidence incriminated Maximov as thousands of e-mails from hacked accounts were found on his computer with lists of various IP addresses, documents signed “Hell” and other clues.

Appealing to the court, Maximov insists there has been a case of mistaken identity as he uses similar online credentials as the real hacker coincidently also calling himself ‘Hell’.

He moved from Russia to be closer to his family and claims the ‘real’ hacker sent him materials to defend himself in the trail.

Maximov lives alone in Bonn, Germany. He was previously unemployed due to his supervisor catching him watching porn.

Deutsche Well, a broadcasting service reported Maximov could be facing up to four years.

Russia’s Federal Migration Service denied Navalny his right to attend the trial in Germany due to outstanding embezzlement charges.


Snapchat the social media service that promised its customers instant privacy by destroying their messages within 10 seconds has been slammed by the US Federal Trade Commission.

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For the first time in 12 years, on the 16th of October, 2012, Gary McKinnon got lucky.

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In another indication of the increasingly close ties being developed between Russia and the US the Russian financial watchdog has announced an investigation into links between its banks and hacker attacks in the US.

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By Michael Smith and Peter Warren

NATO is considering the use of military force against enemies who launch cyber attacks on its member states.

The move follows a series of Russian-linked hacking against Nato members and warnings from intelligence services of the growing threat from China.

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Pressure grows on Obama for action over cyber security 

Security officials are urging the US President to appoint a 'cyber tsar'


For the past month or so a curious game has been going on in the world of rumour and uncertainty that passes for the intelligence community. At the heart of it is an attempt to force the US president, Barack Obama, to put cyber security back to the top of his agenda and to usher in increased monitoring of the internet.

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Hackers are being targeted for attack by US and UK security authorities eager to launch a cyber counteroffensive to kick them off the net Peter Warren reports

Hackers at 2009 ‘Hacking at random’ conference


Hackers who attack defence or commercial computers in the US and UK in future may be in for a surprise: a counterattack, authorised and carried out by the police and defence agencies that aims to disrupt and even knock them off the net.

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Robot vehicles are increasingly taking a role on the battlefield – but their deployment raises moral and philosophical as well as technical questions, says Peter Warren

In November 2004, during the second battle of Fallujah, an American uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) – a robot plane – located a mortar battery that had been hampering the US operation to retake the town. The mortar’s position was logged by the UAV’s operator, who was sitting at his desk in Nellis Air Force base near Las Vegas, thousands of miles away. 

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