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Former military officer says every Middle Eastern country now has Stuxnet-like malware

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Millions of mobiles are lost and discarded every year, yet their owners give little thought to the sensitive data they contain

 By Peter Warren

Three years ago, Graham Clements – the European managing director of the UK subsidiary of the Japanese packaging multinational Ishida – decided to get rid of his BlackBerry and passed it on to his IT department for recycling. At the start of this month, that BlackBerry was one of the top items on the agenda at the first board meeting that Clements had called since his return from holiday – because it, and the data on it, had come back to haunt him.

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Leaked document raises questions about biometrics viability for ID cards

A government intelligence agency has warned that current biometric technology may not be good enough for internal Whitehall use, according to a document leaked to Computing’.

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By Jason Burke and Peter Warren

Farewell to black gloves, swag bags and crowbars. Deodorants will soon be the burglar’s preferred tool.
Government scientists are evaluating new technology that allows people to be identified by body odour, making the tracing of criminals by their unique whiff, whether of fear, greed or excitement, a possibility within years.

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