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We steal secrets” – that it’s the ex-CIA man who says that – and not the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is one of the first of many surprises throughout this drama-documentary.

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Gary McKinnon, the British hacker at the heart of an extradition battle with the US Government was not alone and was the most junior member of a hacking group largely ignored by the authorities.

An investigation by Future intelligence has been told that  McKinnon, who faces a potential 60 year jail sentence if he is handed over to the US, was not a lone hacker roving through US computer systems but was instead the most junior member of an informal five-strong group that regularly exchanged information on US systems.

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Many of the recent embarrassing losses of data from US computer systems are due to poor monitoring and computer security and a lack of awareness of the sheer scale of the network, according to experts.

Failings that have allowed the copying of an entire archive in the recent Wikileaks case and forays by groups as sinister and highly motivated as the Chinese and as naïve as Gary McKinnon.

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