Mobiles soon to make music

A handheld mixing desk

Fifty years ago the road to pop super-stardom started with a practice session in a pub, soon it will happen in a studio on the internet and we could all be doing it.

Rather than coming from towns like Liverpool or London according to some of the music industry’s top gurus the Beatles and Rolling Stones of the future will be drawn via the internet from all corners of the world and could even use their mobile phones as mixing desks.

“In the future I think that what is going to end up happening is that there are going to be a lot of applications where online collaboration is the norm,” said Dave Chaimson, vice-president of worldwide marketing at Sony Creative Software.

“I think that people will use virtual recording studios and that they will interface using the systems on their home PCs,” Chaimson added, pointing out that such a move would also be in line with current trends in software pricing.

“I could see a move towards technology being licensed on a server – so it would be a version that works on a network that everyone has access to – the pricing structure would be different but those types of models are certainly not that far away.”

And with the increasing sophistication of the homemade party tape, a trend is developing among teenagers to want to do their own DJ- ing.

An appetite recognised by mobile phone companies who are already investigating the possibilities of rolling out music mixing applications onto mobile phones, according to Jonas Norberg, whose company Tonium is about to launch a handheld mixing system, similar in shape and style to an I-Phone.

“Many companies are targeting what they think is an emerging market for music creation We’re focussing on the new generation that wants to interact with their music and be creative with it.

“The only issue with it is working offline but it is possible that you could do something on the mobile and we are talking to some of the largest hand phone manufacturers and they are very keen for us to make part of our technology available on a mobile phone,” said Norberg.

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