Cutting the cost of conference chatter

The conference is dead, long live the virtual conference.

In a development worthy of the technology it champions, the virtual world conference will debate the issues that excite the architects of virtual worlds in a conference that is set to follow the Sun.

Perhaps the first truly global conference ever, for 24 hours the participants will shadow the Sun around the world while they talk through how virtual worlds can change the way we interact, do business and learn –  all from the comfort of a real world armchair.

An environmentally friendly  point stressed by Professor Sara de Freitas of Coventry University’s Serious Games Institute. 

“Hosting international conferences means that delegates use up a lot of air miles but we are taking on board the climate change challenge by hosting it in a virtual world. It is going to be a truly remarkable event and will open up so many possibilities for future global collaborations.”

The event will start with the rising Sun at 8am in Hong Kong where it is hosted by Alcus International, before passing on the baton to Coventry’s SGI and finally being handed over to the Palo Alto Research Centre and the University of Lugano to let the Sun set on the conference.

To find out what opinions of the world’s conference and hotel industry watch this space.